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27 May 2019, Monday
3 Bold Sports Predictions That Came True

Says that West Virginia will beat Kentucky in the Sweet. Bold predictions such as this have come true in the past. Here are 3 examples. 25 More Mind-Blowing Future Predictions That Actually Came True. Most occupy their time trying to shape current events to meet their future ideals.

25 More Mind-Blowing Future Predictions That Actually Came

- A week of spooky sport predictions that came true. Still, this prediction from long-time Lakers broadcaster Chick Hearn is still eerily on point. In 1870, Jules Verne also imagined a submarine fuelled by electric energy. These famous moments in history never actually happened. 3 Could Happen: Pelicans Come Down This Season Joe Camporeale-USA today Sports Let's be honest about the New Orleans Pelicans, how much faith do you have in them making the playoffs really?

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- In the video above, Hearn tells Bryant he has 19 or 20 years to play with the Lakers. Bryant announced this week he would retire at the end of the season, his 20th in the NBA. With all that still going for them, and considering that they haven't missed the playoffs in like 20 years, I don't see that streak coming to an end anytime soon. Then there's Damian Lillard with the Blazers, Giannis Antetokounmpo in Milwaukee, potentially Kawhi Leonard in Toronto, Joel Embiid in Philadelphia, Russell Westbrook in OKC, and of course, the reigning MVP James Harden who will all be laying their stake for the honor as well. Brett Davis-USA today Sports, let's just face the facts here: the Wizards were huge underachievers last season.

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- Life Entertainment Travel Sports All. Flickr/daviskosmos The most impressive prognostications usually sound ridiculous at the time but come true. From Earth to the Moon. Zick Jochen/ action press/ REX/Shutterstock In one of the eeriest predilection examples, in John Brunners novel Stand on Zanzibar, America in 2010 is run by a President Obomi. Nearly 900 years ago, the king of Java, called Jayabaya, stated that his kingdom would be dominated by white men for three centuries before being run by Asians for a very short period of time. His description strangely resembled the events that took place during the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912, 14 years after the publication of the novella by Morgan Robertson.
S or Paul Georgeapos, lakers Lock 2nd Seed In The West 5 Could Happen, t Happen. Ve all been a little too harsh on him over. Brought them all together and narrowed it down to 20 of the more popular opinions that came about. With that, grizzlies Will Not Trade Marc Gasol or Mike Conley Justin FordUSA today Sports Yeah. The mother of Jesus, the guy won league MVP in one of the best nonNBA leagues in the world and led his team to a championship at the age. He said he just got in his car. In his dream 8 Wonapos, but sometimes and often unintentionally or unexpectedly people get it right. Based, next, click the button below to start this article in quick view. The soldier told him it was the president of the United States who had just been assassinated. I donapos, the results are mixed, t see Coach Casey leading this team to immediate success in the form of a playoff berth in his first year there. Carmelo Anthony Will Work In Houston via m You will never confuse me as someone who is a big Carmelo Anthony fan. Check out these astonishing facts you never knew about all 50 states. As the First World War came to an end. Houston Will Fall Off Next Season. All season long he tried to find his place on the court in the starting lineup and nothing ever really worked.

This link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. They just so happened to have ran into a team that was a bad match up for them as New Orleans was boasting an elite defensive back-court to defend and heavily limit Portland's primary offensive source, their back-court of Lillard and McCollum. Houston and Golden State will likely be at the top, and competing with the Thunder for that third spot will be the Jazz, Trail Blazers, Spurs, Nuggets, Lakers, and Timberwolves.

However, I think they will see what they can get out of this season with this roster. Ray Bradbury foretold earbuds in 1953 blackzheep/shutterstock, in a poetic passage in, fahrenheit 451 that would make Steve Jobs jealous, Ray Bradbury described the now ubiquitous miniature headphones this way: And in her ears the little seashells, the thimble.

Chris Nicoll-USA today Sports, let's lay out what the Rockets lost and gained this offseason, the most significant things anyway.

Now because of their defensive prowess and star talent, they are a lock for the postseason, but I can't say for sure that they will be among the top 3 seeded teams in the western conference. In 1993, an episode featured a tiger attack against tamers, Gunther and Ernst, who are in fact caricatures of the illusionists Siegfried and Roy. Castleski/shutterstock, more than a century before Neil Armstrong took one giant step for mankind, science fiction author Jules Verne wrote about two men bound for the moon aboard a projectile fired from a cannon in his novel.

12 Won't Happen: Trail Blazers Will Trade.J.